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The founder of our company Yusuf Dirmilli was born in Marmaris, 1955 and still lives in Marmaris. He made a professional fishing in Marmaris - Fethiye bays between 1972-1982. He continued his first commercial boat in 1983 with a wooden boat named "White Whale" (13 meters), he served tourism in 1987 with a wooden boat named "White Island" (23 meters). He built the first sheet steel boat as 34 meters "White Island 1" in 1995.

He made a 43-meter steel sheet passenger ship called "White Island" and continued his daily tour between Marmaris and Dalyan in 1997.

Yusuf Dirmilli, who has a high experience in operating and selling shipbuilding, is completely designed and inspected by himself. He made a 42-meter steel sheet passenger ship named "White Prince" and designed a 27-meter-long water slide to better serve tourism and became the favorite cruise ship of the holidaymakers in 2000. He decided to take a corporate step in ship design construction and sales and founded DEMIRBATU LTD STI in 2015. He made an excursion ship 25.90-meter steel sheet which is a first in Turkey "semisubmarine" which is a saloon feature that can be watched under the sea, and he received an "Innovative Design" Award with his design team. The semisubmarine ship attracted a lot of attention which was sold to India in 2019. It was started to build a new one and the "semisubmarine" which was launched as 28.45 meters ship is on sale again in April 2020.

Our company, which has adopted the innovative design as a principle, continues to provide shipbuilding-pre-order-brokerage services with International Ship sales experience and references.

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